What is a neWall fine art photography?

It is an original photograph, available only on our website neWall and whose sale is limited to 20 prints, all formats combined.

Your order will be sent to you with a certificate of authenticity specifying the number of the print you own (model at the end of this article). This certificate includes all the information regarding the artwork you have bought.

Why the choice of this support, canvas stretched on an aluminium frame?

The canvas first. Your photograph is printed by thermal sublimation on a canvas, which has several undeniable advantages:

  • Printing on canvas does not alter the quality of the original photo, its colors, its contrasts and its details are perfectly preserved.
  • You will not have any reflection on your photograph, whatever its exposure in your home.
  • This polyester canvas can be cleaned with a simple sponge and can be machine washed at 30° if necessary. A steam cleaning will be enough to remove any "creases" since you will then streched the canvas on your frame.
  • This canvas supports all bactericidal and virucidal treatments, as well as non-aggressive cleaning products.

As for the choice of an aluminium frame, we did it for the following reasons:

  • The sleek and elegant appearance of aluminum fits perfectly with any type of interior and enhances your artwork
  • Aluminum is both light and very resistant, which allows us to use it even on very large formats.
. neWall - certificat authenticité - Tirage édition limitée sur toile tendue sur châssis aluminium

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