They joined the neWall adventure on March 15...

The first eight artists joined neWall on March 15, 2021! Check them out below...

Caroline Luez

I am originally from Lille and have now lived for many years in the Vendée.

I have been fortunate enough to also live for a few years in the United States. This gave me another open mind.

Photography has always been a real passion. Whether in film or digital.

Besides, I also have the opportunity to do photography in the professional context, beyond my usual mission, where I feed the website and the Instagram account ... This allows me to approach other techniques to always improve myself.

I had the joy of having my first film SLR camera at the age of 20 years. And since then, I never stop photographing... An atmosphere, an emotion, a discovery and especially to be able to tell a story.

I love enormously the travels, the street, the people, the beauty, the nature.

Every day a new experience, new encounters... new captures.

Photography is for me, the art to transmit a unique emotion for eternity.

Celine / @Instacelin

I'm a creative artist who has a passion for photography, but it's not my job.

I started in photography with film then took a break and resumed with the arrival of digital.

I have a passion for the world of astro-photography: for the moment I am mainly doing photos of the moon.

I also photograph landscapes and the city of Paris as well as its suburbs.


I've always been in an artistic environment: a grandfather who was an advertising editor, a grandmother who was a seamstress, and a mother who worked in Parisian haute couture.

After my studies at the Louis Lumière school, I started in photography: books of actors, photo reports ..., and keep from this experience a singular look.

Assistant to Jean-François Aloïsi, famous advertising photographer, I enriched my artistic approach and developed a perceptible sensitivity. I unveil, in my imaginary creations, a poetic and dreamlike world reality.

I work around my most emblematic icons. The world of the stage, whether musical, cinematic or political, also provides me with countless subjects of inspiration. My digital collages present very familiar faces in a new and vibrant light.

My works offer a careful reflection, an aesthetic research on the world, on nature and matter. "

Salomé Fotyi

I've been drawing for as long as I can remember, but I mostly took up painting with first watercolor and then acrylics while studying landscaping where drawing was a part of my daily life.

Photography came into my life in 2012 when I was given my first camera.

No matter where I go, I'emmèalways all my cameras (be it my SLR, my film, or my Polaroïd) with me.

Séverine Tournaire-Styger

I work in the La Défense district. This is where my passion for architectural photography was born. It is a fabulous playground. I love all its towers that offer incredible perspectives. I love those lines, those curves, the contrasts of light and shadow.

After 5 years, I still look up to the sky, caught by this immensity.

Florent Moreda

Self-taught in photography, I spent my early years documenting massively and discovering what touched me in other people's photos. (Willy Ronis, Robert Capat, Sebastião Ribeiro Salgado, Lucien Clergue, Yves Klein)

This is essentially how I learned to feed my eye. Today I still try not to compartmentalize myself in a "style" and to sweep everything that interests me without any restriction. Let's say that I do what seems interesting to me, according to the moment. I sincerely think that passion remains the best school.

The reasons that pushed me to start in the field of photography are still enigmatic. I once had the opportunity to invest in a digital reflex camera too frustrated with the limitations of my small compact at the time. I think that's when it all clicked! The possibilities offered by the DSLR were unquestionable to satisfy my creative mind...

Photography is not so much a goal in itself, I see it more as a creative research, a means of expression, which allows me to engage my mind, my sensitivity and to make my inner eye visible.

I also share this passion through the creation of the club Image'in serris, but also member and exhibition officer at the Fédération photographique de France.

Jean Luxe

As an avid traveler, I am keen to discover new places on a regular basis, camera in hand.

I take great pleasure in photographing the architecture of city centers, the nature that surrounds us, the people I meet, trying to bring a different look.

Self-taught photographer and certified drone pilot, I join the neWall team in order to get the photos out of my computer and social networks to present them on a quality medium and to reveal your walls.

José Santiago / @rgardez_voir

Between archi and photo, the story is not new...

I came to photography very early, self-taught, my profession as an architect taught me to look where others only see, yet, it is enough to look at something with attention for it to become interesting.

What interests me are the volumes under the light, the colors sometimes, the geometries, the materials and their textures. The precision of the framing and the composition are intrinsic to my shots and if the emotion is there, then it is won.

So what to shoot? A favorite subject? Not at all! I don't have one, I have a camera.

For the past few years, as I've gotten older, I've firmly decided to be both, architect and photographer.

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